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Excelling World

ÁtopB is ‘A top Business’ concern working on ‘The Edge of Quality’ to ‘Excel the World’ with its initiatives & your support.

ÁtopB Pillars

ÁtopB is much more than just a business. Our work pillars makes us different from the rest of the world.

ÁtopB : A top Business

It’s not the financial figures that make our business top, it’s our initiatives that don’t just add money to our bank Account but also add value to life of people like you.

ÁtopB : The Edge of Quality

Everything is either Á (quality) or ‘B’ (inferior). While in the short-run, inferiors may survive, it’s quality that prevails in the long-run. Quality tops the inferiors and so ÁtopB.

ÁtopB : Excel the World

We don’t prioritize projects with high profits, we do prioritize projects with high impact. Profit is our important motive indeed, but it’s not the center of what we do.

ROLLZIGN – An ÁtopB initiative

ROLLZIGN is the self-proclaimed best place to better your digital life & get the best of internet, technology and digital world!

Calm Social Media – An ÁtopB initiative

Calm Social Media is a platform to inspire you become a better player on the social media field! It’s an initiative for those who are not a social media puppet & want to be free from modern social media prison!

Minute Crunch – An ÁtopB initiative

Spreading knowledge in 60 seconds! Let us explain this.

Idea to let you grasp more in less time & make you smartER is the genesis of Minute Crunch. At Minute Crunch, we compress the big chunk of information provided by countless sources & deliver the compressed yet quality information you need to be ‘smartER’ in form of ‘very short, summarized, crisp, simple, edutaining & informative one paragraph‘ that we dearly call ‘Minute Crunch’! If you have 60 seconds free, you can grab 1 Minute Crunch!

YouWe Studio – An ÁtopB initiative

At YouWe Studio, ‘You’ & ‘We’ work together to create your great online presence & build your own corner on the internet! If you want to build a true identity on the internet & have your own space in the online world, that you can call your online home, YouWe Studio is all you need.

It’s Better Be Together!

We are collaborating with more & more people to bring our new ideas to life. Either you want to work on ÁtopB creative ideas or want to share an idea with us, you are welcome!

– Your friends at ÁtopB

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